This course provides the necessary information to blend useful skills, legal and social responsibilities and the best practices in order to achieve a responsible service of alcohol within the hospitality and retail industries. With the thoughtful study of this guide, users will know and understand the law and their legal responsibilities as well as learn the skills to promote social responsibility in the communities in which they serve.

This program will covers such topics as:

  • Responsible alcohol service
  • The role of the Department of Liquor Control
  • Laws and regulations
  • Minors and alcohol
  • The effects of alcohol on the body
  • Employee responsibilities

This course provides you with the necessary knowledge and techniques needed to be a responsible server of alcohol. Specifically, you will learn:

  • how to protect yourself and your establishment from liability
  • how to recognize the effects of alcohol
  • how to monitor consumption and prevent customers from becoming obviously intoxicated
  • how to intervene when it becomes necessary to refuse the sale of alcohol to a customer
  • how to prevent disturbances and how to deal with a disturbance if it occurs
  • how to accurately check ID’s and recognize minors
  • how to prevent second-party sales

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