Cyber Security

HUMAN ERROR is the biggest threat to the security of our precious data and our privacy. Some experts estimate human error is the cause of up to 95% of all cyber attacks! Get your team trained today.

PCI DSS Compliance

Delivery via SaaS model or site license. Cost effective with volume and per seat pricing. Custom solutions available.

Why Host With Us?

Brightcore is an experienced hosting provider to organizations and companies of all sizes. We specialize in helping our clients get started with a hosted LMS solution and growing a successful online business. We use an Open Source LMS exclusively for all our client LMS needs.

Train Anytime, Anywhere!

Let your users train anytime and anywhere. Users demand that your training be available 24/7/365 and you owe that to them. We can help you make that possible today!

Virtual Troop LMS

Troop Volunteers can get their training online! Councils can offer all the training needed for volunteers to be effective troop leaders online in the Virtual Troop LMS. The best part? All training is tracked so you can report on all of your training metrics in a single interface.

Brightcore Consulting is your online training partner for PCI DSS Compliance and Cyber Security Training.

We also specialize in Open Source LMS Hosting, LMS Consulting and LMS Customization.

Brightcore Consulting can provide your organization with complete training solution to meet your requirements – from training content , to an LMS Hosting and Consulting package. We have extensive experience in delivering a full range of services including Hosting, Training, Support, Consultancy, Design Services and Content Development.

Contact us today to get started!

View the PCI DSS Training Demo

View a short demonstration module highlighting several of the topics covered in the complete training.

View our Cyber Security Training Demo

Click here to view a Demo of the our Cyber Security Training

New Council Starter Package

Attention Girl Scout Councils…..Purchase by July 31st and be up and running before the Fall Volunteer Training season! We know your cookie sales are over so now is the time to focus on the Fall Product and Volunteer Training rush coming in August. Contact us today to get started ASAP!

Starter Package Available Until July 31st








Girl Scout Councils Online

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Open Source Saves Money!

Open Source software means that you pay no software licensing fees. You pay only for hosting and consulting. That translates to no user limits because we do not charge per User Account. Request a proposal to see just how economical it is to get started with Brightcore.